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Packaging and labeling – EAN Barcodes Scanning and Product Traceability

ControlSoft Canada has a customized MES solution for poultry and meat processing food industries, our Smart Weigh Label system is a centralized server software which runs locally on plant server system or on cloud application for multiple sites locations. Smart Weigh Label system works off a centralized product code database which holds all parameters related to each product code within the factory plant floor. The system seamlessly integrates into multiple production floor workstations each equipped with Scale base and weight controller head + industrial grade barcode printer + NEMA 4X Touch screen operator panel. Such a solution provides effective data integration with production plant weighing scales and platform scales are essential for streamlining production processes and ensuring optimal efficiency. ControlSoft specializes in providing such comprehensive packaging solutions. These solutions capture crucial data such as station IDs and weighing units. This further enables businesses to achieve superior traceability and compliance.

Our solutions include local EAN standard barcode printing, where lot codes and serial numbers are printed beside each scale station. This feature enhances product identification, facilitates inventory management, and streamlines packaging. Our EAN barcode printing systems also save production data on secure cloud servers. This cloud-based approach ensures data accessibility from anywhere and promotes data-driven decision-making for increased operational efficiency.

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Furthermore, our expertise extends to data collection for diverse production floor equipment, including in-motion weighing scales, static scales, and rail scales at various locations. We do so with the help of our well-integrated system, ensuring seamless data acquisition and consolidation. This facilitates timely adjustments for improved productivity.

We also offer a robust batching system for the packaging industry. It incorporates automated ingredient dispensing, meeting Agriculture Canada’s stringent requirements. Our batching system includes 2D/3D Matrix barcode intelligence. This helps ensure accurate and reliable ingredient tracking throughout the production process. It further improves quality control and consumer safety.

Moreover, ControlSoft offers food industry-rated control systems that are NEMA 4X rated for wash-down conditions. These specialized systems ensure the highest durability, reliability, and sanitation compliance standards. So, contact ControlSoft today for flawless packaging solutions.

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