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ControlSoft specializes in design of Substation SCADA and Gateway device for monitoring, control, and telecommunication. SCADA system implements automation using two distinct functionalities. The first one is the supervisory control of the system and the second one is the data acquisition.

Effective monitoring and telecommunication of substations is paramount to ensure a reliable and efficient power grid. ControlSoft specializes in the design of Substation SCADA and Gateway devices. We offer comprehensive solutions to address the diverse challenges faced by utility companies.

SCADA systems are at the core of automation, and our expertise lies in implementing some of its critical functionalities, like its supervisory control and data acquisition. These functionalities enable utilities to remotely manage their substations, further optimizing their performance and minimizing downtime.

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Data Acquisition

Our team has experience in setup and configurations of various Remote Terminal Units [RTU] from different manufacturers to collect intelligent electronics device IED alarms, status, and trip information to optimize Data Concentrator functionality via RS232 serial, DNP 3.0, MODBUS TCP, Ethernet IP based communications meeting IEC 60870–5‑104 / IEC 61850 standard

We utilized most modern substation SCADA development software packages, to custom development of site-specific substation SCADA applications, utilizing

Our team has extensive experience setting up and configuring various Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) from different manufacturers. These RTUs collect valuable data from intelligent electronic devices (IEDs). This includes alarms, status, and trip information. 

You must also know that our solutions comply with industry standards like IEC 60870–5‑104, DNP 3.0, and MODBUS TCP. This helps us ensure smooth and steady data transmission. Additionally, we excel in creating site-specific applications tailored to the unique needs of each substation utilizing modern SCADA development software packages.

We also have an iGrid – iControl SCADA Automation development environment that supports multiple communication protocols, ranging from simple Modbus to advanced IEC 61850 (MMS & GOOSE). So, if you require top-of-line utilities solutions, contact ControlSoft today and take charge of your utility’s success.

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