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ControlSoft's Automation Consultant for Automotive Industry

Our Automation consultant focuses automotive industry automation, manufacturing activities within welding, assembly, and material handling processes, quality check and control, packaging and product tracking for traceability.

Part Tracking

EAN Barcodes, scanning and product traceability

Application Development

Robotics integration


Optimizing product assembly lines


Various stages of your existing and new welding stations

  • ControlSoft’s Automation consultant can automate various stages of your existing and new welding stations.
  • Integrate MES system to welding stations for data collection.
  • Integrate laser marking instruments into welding processes.
  • Laser marking lot code and batch numbers to products
industry welding
Automotive Assembly process


Optimizing product assembly lines

  • Pairing robotics and vision are ideal system integration for optimizing product assembly lines. Introducing vision system image capturing for verification and quality inspection.
  • Companies have successfully optimized their lines for glass installation and urethane application, assembly component bonding, and material handling parts.
  • ControlSoft can reprogram assembly line robotic lines, for revised product assembly or new assembly lines.

Laser Marking processes and systems

  • 2D Laser Inspection, 3D Laser Inspection, Ablation, Capability, Cutting.
  • Inline Weld Process Monitoring.
  • Laser Marking, Laser Trimming, Laser Welding and Marking capabilities integration.
Automotive Laser Marking processes
Part Tracking

Part Tracking

EAN Barcodes, scanning and product traceability

  • Barcode Communication, CAD-to-path Programming
  • Custom Software Development, Data Storage Communication, Data Tracking Communication, In-line 3D Part Metrology.
  • Line Tracking Programming, Lot Traceability, MES Communication Systems.
  • ControlSoft tracking software can track product on production lines using RFID, 2D/3D barcodes system and integrate back to on MES systems using ignition software integration over production floor.
  • RFID Communication, Robotic Cell Simulations, SCADA Development, Trafficking Conveyors

Application Development

Robotics integration

  • High Speed Camera Vision Inspection.
  • Inline Bead Inspection for Dispensing.
  • UV Vision Inspection, Vision-guided Robotics integration.
  • Collaborative Robotics Integration.
  • Robotic Assembly, Robotic Cell Simulations, Robotic Integration.
  • Robotic Mold Tending, Robotic Palletizing and Vision-guided Robotics integration.
Automotive system application development & Robotics integration

Addressing macroeconomic challenges in the automotive industry

ControlSoft Canada, the most experienced and reliable automation consultant is here to save your automotive industry from the clashes of macroeconomic challenges by providing you with a comprehensive knowledge of supply chain disruptions and fluctuations in customers’ demands. Subsequently, our consultants draft the best strategy for your OEM  (original equipment manufacturing) unit so that your automotive business can have the best business model to create sustainability in transforming cost and the way to investments in leveraging the profit. To implement the best solutions for your automotive industry, our automation consultants will not only analyze your exciting processes to identify the loopholes but also provide your business with the best solution that helps your automotive business stay resilient to overcome OEM challenges effortlessly.

Take a Zero-Based Approach

Our team of automation consultants, engineers, and technicians assists automotive businesses in every way to start with a zero-based approach to ensure business growth. This zero-based approach not only reassesses and rebuilds industrial automotive processes but also helps businesses eliminate unnecessary tasks to leverage operations and adapt more powerful automation technologies to streamline operations effortlessly. Contact ControlSoft Canada to embrace the zero-based approach for your automotive industry and make your business efficient to build an agile and truly cost-effective process that incurs value through an adaptive operating system.  

automation consultants
automation consultant

The Future Is Software-Defined

Software inevitably plays an important role in various industrial sectors these days and the automotive industry is no exception. Automation consultants at ControlSoft Canada are well aware of the necessity and demand for the design and delivery of software-defined vehicles that ensure rewards of profit pools because the future of the automotive industry is software-defined. Contact our experienced automation consultants to overcome substantial challenges in designing a software-defined model that helps your business stay on the curve and meet the evolving demands of customers amid the highly evolving automotive landscape.

Plug Into The Electric Revolution

The automotive industry is on the verge of undergoing a transformative shift towards EVs (Electric Vehicles) and significant electrification of transportation by the end of 2030. It is said, more than 60% of vehicles sold globally will be EVs. thus, it requires an adequate surge in the adoption of new automotive technology for automotive businesses to continue their profit line. Automation consultants in ControlSoft Canada are all here to help your automotive business obtain the best state-of-the-art technology that is necessary to fit into the electric-driven automobile future. 

Customer Demands Are On The Rise

Aligned with time and technological advancement, the demands of customers are on the rise when it is all about investments in vehicles. Due to this demand, the automotive industry is undergoing increased pressure to deliver personalized and software-driven vehicles managing their productional ecosystem. Here at ControlSoft Canada, automation consultants assist automotive businesses in rethinking their entire production line managing a robust relationship with dealers, and bridging a gap with customers from all touchpoints.  Once automotive businesses manage to stay agile in every step of their operations by adapting tailored automotive technology and data-driven approaches, they can fulfill modern consumers’ needs effortlessly. 

Our projects

ControlSoft Canada, was selected by General Motors as lead Systems Integrator to lead design and implementation work on General Motors In-Motion Engine Block laser marking system in collaboration North American Laser system in Mississauga Ontario.


Once you consult with an automation consultant, you can take your automotive business to the forefront of technological and data-driven advancement effortlessly. Automotive consultants in ControlSoft Canada are nerds in navigating industrial challenges and they can certainly help you by offering ideas for your automotive business that will be fully business-centric and strategic and enable your business to grow catering to the evolving demands of vehicle buyers. 

It is beyond impossible to trace and track every faulty part of an automotive business without the right implementation of software and automation control systems. Whereas, an automation consultant can make this traceability task easier for you throughout the parts manufacturing and supply chain process in maintaining simple steps including 

  • Implementation of Barcode and Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) system
  • Proper integration of automotive parts traceability Software into existing ERP and MES
  • Integration of batch and serial numbering system to trace parts back into production runs and facilitate recalls. 

There is more that an automation consultant contributes to building a robust traceability framework for automotive businesses. 

An automation consultant can better address the evolving expectations and demands of consumers by implementing and integrating automatic control systems that your automotive business needs. This way your automation consultant not only enhances the production agility but also customizes the production capabilities to meet rare demands of automotive consumers at pace but effortlessly. Also, streamlines your automotive business to stay ahead of the competitive curve in today’s evolving automotive domain.

With the rise of shifting demands for electric vehicles from conventional ones, automation consultants of ControlSoft Canada play a vital role in blending the automated process into the modernized EVs, electric vehicle ecosysteṃ. From manufacturing vehicle parts to changing vehicle infrastructure management, enhancing parts traceability to robotic integrations in existing automation systems – automation consultants facilitate automotive businesses to seamlessly step into the electric revolution that ensures the transition to a sustainable and technologically refined future.  

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