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ControlSoft Canada has been a trusted and well-known name in designing, installing, and maintaining SCADA systems for various industries across Canada and the USA. We have been in Automation system designing and implementation for 16 years. Our specialties, in-depth know-how, real-time experience, and up-to-the-minute skillset designing and implementing medium to complex SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) solutions have tagged us as one of the leading SCADA integrators in Canada to our clients. 

Accompanied by innovative moves and a better understanding of our client’s needs, our dedicated team of hardware and software engineers has helped us find the best solutions for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system designing, installing, and implementation proficiently.  ControlSoft Canada not only designs and integrates SCADA systems for your industrial automation needs but also provides you with a foundation for efficient SCADA operations. No matter what your business is and what industry you belong to; contact us to reinforce your industrial automation in designing and implementing SCADA tailored to your business and operation requisitions.

SCADA Integrators​ ControlSoft Canada

Our Services

At ControlSoft Canada, our engineers design and develop SCADA systems that support future expansions and changing requirements of industries. When you choose us to design and implement a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition solution, you are assured to have SCADA software that is fully tested, innovative, and collaborative with your existing control system, database, and other software applications.  Our SCADA integrators make sure, you can have the best SCADA solution that assists you in making better decisions in optimizing your industrial automation process.

Let our SCADA solution help you with a quick and clear understanding of equipment performance, and maintenance requirements, monitor production level efficiency, and environmental conditions remotely, and detect/address upcoming maintenance issues with real-time data acquisition and automation to enhance production efficiency at minimum downtime. Our SCADA integration is not limited to one type of system integration, but it includes:

SCADA Integrators services

If you are wandering for industry-tailored SCADA integration services in Canada to overcome your automation challenges in real-time data acquisition and to consolidate controls over manifold production lines, call ControlSoft Canada right now. We guarantee a customized automation solution that allows for efficient remote monitoring and control of your plant operation system, providing tailored SCADA system solutions.

Our Expertize Team of SCADA integrators can help you have a SCADA Solution specific to your Industrial needs.

We offer SCADA systems for a wide range of industries including:

ControlSoft Canada is thoroughly experienced in offering your business a SCADA solution that connects your existing devices, sensors, control panels, and data sources to a state-of-the-art automation system for better monitoring and controlling critical operations competently.

Our Process

At ControlSoft Canada, our SCADA engineers and technicians follow a stepwise roadmap to integrate SCADA with your existing automation system and database. In every step of the SCADA system integration process, our engineers, software designers, and developers make sure, your newly designed SCADA system can communicate well with other systems/software/devices and ensure operational excellence. Time to provide a glimpse at our SCADA integration process; let’s make it visible to you. Explore the possibilities of SCADA remote monitoring with us.

Firstly, we take time to understand your SCADA integration requirement accessing your industrial automation needs and challenges. Our team of engineers and technicians assesses your present infrastructure to identify errors and opportunities for improvement.

Once your requirements are understood, the next step we follow is to design a customized SCADA system tailored to your industrial necessities and operational demands. The design process includes selecting the right set of hardware/software components to develop a detailed integration plan.  

Next, our engineers ensure all the necessary steps for a successful integration and implementation of the SCADA solution connecting your existing system. We make sure, the transition of data to the SCADA system goes seamless.

SCADA Integrators process

Once the integration gets accomplished, our team tests the integration to ensure its working proficiency. We also check the data transferring process during the integration and ensure the system’s performance with robust data security.

We make sure, every staff involved in running SCADA-operated systems in your plant can use the newly implemented SCADA solution efficiently. Thus, we run a thorough training to educate your staff on the functionalities and features of the SCADA system in handing over documentation for operational references.

Our SCADA integration process does not end with system integration and implementation. You can contact us anytime for ongoing maintenance and support to experience the most efficient performance with real-time error fixing.

ControlSoft Canada is highly committed to delivering business-centric SCADA system integration that enhances your line of productivity with valuable data insights and remote controlling capabilities.

Success stories

Integrating Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition systems

Since 2016, we have been a partner sharing success with our clients in integrating Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition systems. He has assisted countless businesses in implementing and maintaining a real-time data accessible and monitoring SCADA system with reduced production cost and increased system efficiency.

We would like to share a few success stories with you.

These are just a few of our SCADA system integration project lines. Contact us to have an excellent SCADA solution truly designed to accomplish your industrial needs.

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To get in touch with ControlSoft Canada, visit our website today. You can call us at +1 647 8228163 or write to us at You can also locate us at 2 Sonic Way, Toronto, M3C 0P1, Canada. 

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