Industry – Process Control Automation

Canadian – Ontario Based Color and Chemical Processing Company

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Laser marking static and in-motion, PLC & HMI control panels

Industry – Control Automation

Canadian – Ontario based color and chemical processing company

Industry – Process control automation

Canadian – Ontario based color and chemical processing company

ControlSoft Canada, has implemented numerous projects to replaced obsolete client Process Control Panels with Modern version process control system based on programmable controllers and control room SCADA workstations.

Project Description: Client issued RFQ to perform complete system upgrade to their Batching / Mixing System to replace 30+ years old process control panel and logic controllers which was 100% manual operations.

Solution Provided:

  • Working with client operators and stakeholders developed a detailed Process Controlled Narrative Document –PCN with all parties agreed on.
  • Generated Electrical and P&ID control drawings of existing and new proposed Process Control system.
  • Generated control & mechanical drawings for new Local control panels and external interface wiring.
  • Generated Function design documentation, for proposed system requirements and specifications.
  • Based on above design documentation, PLC & SCADA programming task was developed, implemented and tested using industry approved FAT and SAT approval documentations.
  • Site commissioning and Go Live support provided to operators until normal operation.
  • Complete training manuals for operator and maintenance was provided.

Project Supply Overview

Supplied SS Hopper Tank for adding all ingredients – solid & liquid types, each individual ingredients were added and weigh on live load cells mounted SS Hopper Tank. Each ingredients line was controlled using electrical actuator valves for coarse and fine fills.

The completed batch with all ingredients was dumpedinto a mixer fitted with an agitator controlled via VFD controlled motor drive assembly.

Once precise mixing sequence was completed mixer contents was allowed to open into next process stage for further processing.

Industry – Process control automation

Control Panel Hardware and Software:

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