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Reforming Automation Integration Process in Canada

Welcome to ControlSoft Canada, an automation integration service provider you can trust undoubtedly. We have been one of the leading and highly experienced automation integrators in Canada since 2006. To date, we have served various industries to meet their automation needs and goals irrespective of niches, sizes, and budgets. Whatever your automation project is, contact ControlSoft Canada to work with a team of experienced, qualified, and truly versatile automation integration experts for a successful automation project.

Working with ControlSoft Canada ensures the quality, dedication, development, and implementation of automated equipment that value your business and guarantee increased ROI. Our automation integrators use state-of-the-art designs and implement the same to streamline industrial processes and operations. When you hire automation integrators from ControlSoft Canada, you open up the scope to identify new trends in the automation industry and implement the hardware and software for your business. Our team of integrators not only Automation design and develop automation systems for your business but also train your staff on how to manage the system hassle-freely. Contact us for automation integration supported by ongoing maintenance and software automation services.

Automation Integration Process in Canada
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our Services

It is said that automation integrators are involved in designing, implementing, and maintaining automated systems aligned with the business necessities of customers. We, ControlSoft Canada provide automation integration services to an array of industries in in both Canada and the USA, offering expertise in automation design software.

Every time we work with new/existing customers, we prioritize to understand the needs and demands before starting a project. It helps our team of automation integration Automation designers and developers to come up with an automation system that meets the customer’s requirements/goals within budget and timeline.

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Now, let us have a look at the list of automation integration services we provide. Our services include:

At ControlSoft Canada, we endeavor to help industrial businesses automate any simple to complex process with zero error and technical glitches. Our automation integration services make sure to improve automated system efficiency with a better line of productivity, safety measurements, and quality standards. Before handing you over the full authority to use the automation system at your plant, our automation integrators test the full system to make sure it is working perfectly. We pride ourselves as an automation design company dedicated to delivering reliable solutions.

One more, we will train your staff and ensure they can use and manage the automation system efficiently without any help. Still, if you need any servicing or technical assistance, you will always find us beside you. Our team is ready to offer ongoing support and maintenance anytime you seek.

our Process

ControlSoft Canada is widely known to provide truly simple and straightforward automation integration services in Canada and the USA. We follow a thorough process for a personalized and successful automation integration. Let’s dig in, 

Our automation integration process starts with the client’s business need assessment. It helps us to understand the specific requirements aligned with your business.

Next, our automation integration team Automation designs Canada and develops the automation system based on the requirements of clients’ businesses and budgets. The process also includes data exchange from your existing system and software to a new automation system to have flawless system Automation design Canada and development.

Once the automation system solution gets designed and tested thoroughly, we implement and integrate the same following hardware and software installation and configure the system into work using your existing system.  

Once the integration is completed, we train your employees on how to use the system with all its features effectively. Our team will make your staff aware of every feature so that they can troubleshoot it on their own if any problem arises in the future. Though, you can always get technical help from our end. It is a matter of a phone call only.

ControlSoft Canada guarantees ongoing support and maintenance to its customers to ensure running your automation system with no errors.

The automation integration process takes time. The time counts on the simplicity and/or complexity of the automation system necessitated by clients’ business needs and objectives. So, we ask our clients to have patience and trust us to have an automation system integration that certainly improve your production efficiency and profitability in the long run. Your business incurs value from the investment when ControlSoft Canada is working behind the scenes.

Success stories

To date, ControlSoft Canada has helped many businesses acquire an automation system that automates process and accomplish business goals. You can take a glance at our success stories here,

Our work certifies our efficiency. Contact us to have fully-tailored automation integration services that automate your business towards success and remarkable profit.

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To get in touch with ControlSoft Canada, visit our website today. You can call us at +1 647 8228163 or write to us at You can also locate us at 2 Sonic Way, Toronto, M3C 0P1, Canada. 

We would be happy to work you with, answer your questions, and help you get started on your automation journey.

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