Legacy Control System Upgrade and Control Software Migration

Upgrading Control System and Migrating Control Software for Legacy Systems

Industrial technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and it’s a known fact legacy control panels and obsolete process control software can hinder your productivity and limit product features and repeatedly undermines product quality. This can further increase your downtime without a predictive maintenance scheduler. Moreover, outdated systems may not comply with current safety standards and lack intelligent functionalities. ControlSoft Canada expertise and experience in working with their clients to replace or upgrade existing process / batch Control System upgrade both hardware control panel and further working closely with clients in providing a most advanced automated process control software. We provide innovative solutions that revamp your control panels and software, upgrading your entire industrial process.

Our engineers are highly skilled in designing control panels and wiring that adhere to the stringent UL508A and CSA requirements, guaranteeing the highest safety standards. We also take pride in our slimline and compact design format, which optimizes site space and minimizes hardware footprint. This helps us in meeting even the most compact space requirements.

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How we design new and upgrade legacy control panels

Our in-house capabilities to design new and upgrade legacy control panels includes following services

a. Initial visit at site to assess new or legacy system design review
b. Convert existing control system to electronics format using inhouse CAD control system upgrade
c. Propose new design solutions to clients
d. Submit new electrical and control solution narrative for client approval prior to build
e. Complete control panel building process
f. Complete control software design, testing and reporting
g. Arrange factory acceptance testing for clients if required
h. Carry out site installation, setup, and commissioning
i. Training and warranty support

Control System upgrade

Why Choose Us

At ControlSoft Canada, we are pioneers in incorporating smart control design techniques that utilize intelligent interfaces, reducing the need for unnecessary hardware. Furthermore, our electrical design philosophy streamlines operations with a focus on model PLC Control System upgrade with optimized smart control algorithm logic. This ensures a more efficient and effective control system for you.

Each step of a job is carried out with a client-centric approach. Our in-house MATLAB Simulink simulation is used as a platform to demonstrate new control software to the client. This new process control software is simulated and optimized before deploying on newly designed control panel hardware. We listen attentively to your challenges and collaborate closely with you throughout the project to deliver tailored solutions that exceed expectations. Apart from this, our dedicated team provides training and ongoing warranty support. Through this, we ensure that your legacy control panels upgrade and control software migration requirements are optimally catered.

So, Contact ControlSoft today and experience top-of-the-line control panel and control software solutions.

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