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Food Industry

Meat processing plants

Precise and efficient control systems are essential in the food industry to use your food processing machines effortlessly. ControlSoft’s instrumentation and control systems engineering service can be an ideal solution. Our engineers ensure smooth automation and monitoring of critical processes by integrating top-notch technologies. Furthermore, our PLC & HMI programming services regulate temperature and quality in food production. Our dedication to innovation makes us a reliable partner in shaping the future of the food industry. Contact us today for a free consultation.​


Logistics and fulfilment warehousing

Warehousing demands a convenient way to keep track of inventory and other processes. This is where ControlSoft comes in handy. We provide impeccable handheld RF & wireless scanning programming service, which enables effortless data collection and inventory management. Furthermore, our expertise in custom industrial software programming also ensures tailored solutions for warehouse processes. It enhances the productivity and accuracy of warehouse management. Our machine vision engineering solutions also play a crucial role in intelligent visual inspection. This further streamlines warehouse operations and ensures quality assurance. So, optimize material flow and stock control through real-time reporting made possible provided by our solutions.

Packaging and labeling

EAN Barcodes, scanning and product traceability

ControlSoft’s custom industrial software programming service is popular in the packaging and labeling industry. We keenly understand the industry’s unique demands, which is also why we deliver customized software solutions that optimize the industry’s operations. Moreover, our instrumentation and control systems engineering expertise ensures precise control and accuracy in packaging equipment. This also enhances product quality and reduces errors. Additionally, we help the industry with innovative machine vision engineering solutions, enabling automated label verification and meeting industry standards. So, we are the trusted partner for achieving exceptional operational efficiency in the packaging and labeling domain.


Sub station SCADA Automation engineering

ControlSoft’s SCADA System design, legacy system upgrade, and programming service are pivotal in the Utilities sector. We have been providing comprehensive SCADA solutions since 2006. These systems enable effective control and analysis of utility infrastructure. These infrastructures include power grids, water treatment plants, and distribution networks. We also specialize in legacy system upgrades and programming. It helps us ensure the seamless integration of modern technologies into existing utility systems. Further, enhancing operational reliability and efficiency.

Automotive Industry

Laser marking static and in-motion, PLC & HMI control panels

At ControlSoft, we have an intricate understanding of automotive manufacturing processes. Thus, we carry out PLC system design and programming with utmost precision. These systems optimize assembly lines, control robotic operations, and ensure flawless integration of various components. Moreover, our HMI (Human Machine Interface) programming empowers operators with intuitive control and monitoring. This improves production efficiency and reduces the scope of discrepancies. Lastly, our expertise in these areas strengthens and contributes to the automotive industry’s ability to deliver high-quality vehicles and meet production targets.

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