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ControlSoft has in-house capabilities with various PLC manufacturers, and our experience in design and programming in each of these OEMs extends 10+ years of successful project completion backed with OEM factory training and our annual service and support agreements with PLC manufacturers

Out-in-house PLC programming skills for different OEMs of Human Machine Interface – HMI Extends beyond following manufacturer’s

We continue to acquire the training and experience needed to keep up with standards including the following:

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How does a PLC work?

PLC plays a pivotal role in the industrial automation processes. It is operated through instructions given by the memory module in the form of program instructions and data as well. PLCs receive inputs from sensors and then perform logical operations accordingly based on the data, and show the desired outcomes.   ControlSoft Canada, one of the best and most reliable PLC programming experts is here to cater to your PLC control system upgrade needs and integration of new PLC control systems with your existing PLCs or other supervisory control systems so that your automation systems can exchange information swiftly and coordinate complex processes effortlessly.  Experience the efficiency of PLC programming automation with us. 

How does a PLC work

Advanced PLC Features

At ControlSoft Canada, our automation experts go the extra mile to meet the demands of our clients related to complex industrial automation systems, and adding advanced features to PLCs is one of our fortes. Our advanced PLC programming service includes real-time clock functionality, enabling time-based control strategies, integration with communication protocols (Ethernet/IP) or other existing communicational devices on a plant’s floor, facilitating data exchange and remote data monitoring, advanced diagnosis and troubleshooting of system performance, etc. additionally, our automation consultants enable PLC systems to enhance advanced motion control capabilities that facilitate most accurate control of motors and actuators in supporting various systems including robotics.  Contact us to add collective features to your existing PLCs and accomplish intricate industrial tasks with accuracy, speed, and reliability in HMI PLC programming.

Advanced PLC Features

How is a PLC Programmed

In general, PLC programming is written on computers and next, it is downloaded to the system controllers. PLCs are utilized widely in an array of industries these days as they are fact, effective for production lines, easy to navigate by operators, and easy to program as well. There are five standard programming languages for Programmable Logic Controller systems and Ladder Logic or “C” is the most used programming language among those five. Ladder Logic is considered the traditional programming language and it mimics circuit diagrams faster with “rungs”. Ladder Logic is easier to implement compared to other PLC programming languages due to its visual nature. ControlSoft Canada is well adapted to offer PLC programming in other languages including Function Block Diagrams, Sequential Function Charts, Structured Text, or Instruction Lists to upgrade your existing PLC systems and PLC HMI control panels.

Programmable Logic Controller by ControlSoft Canada

ControlSoft Canada has been a well-known name in Canada and the USA as a customized Programmable Logic Controller for years. Our PLC programming service is completely customer-based. Whether a business needs a fresh PLC programming service or an upgrade to its existing PLC system, ControlSoft Canada has specialized and up-to-the-minute knowledge and expertise to meet the requirements at pace effortlessly. Our automation consultants are capable of designing PLCs that withstand the challenges industries face in running and operating existing PLCs. We design PLCs with advanced features that the PLC devices fit easily with sophisticated communication protocols and get integrated with other industrial floor devices and SCADA systems error-freely. Contact us for customized PLC feature additions and programming, elevating your industrial automation system to the next level with futuristic control systems and programmable logic circuits.  


PLC (Programming Logic Controller) is used in industrial automation systems to control automation devices and processes. There are several advantages to counting on PLC systems over conventional relay-based control systems.  These include flexibility in meeting the automation process needs, remarkable accuracy in controlling automation and robotics processes, controller scalability, ease of maintenance, and data logging. Contact ControlSoft Canada to have customized PLC programming services in Canada and the USA.   

There are plenty of programming languages to learn when someone just has started with PLC programming. However, learning the most elementary PLC programming language is the best way to start and it is none other than the Ladder Logic programming. Ladder Logic programming corresponds to the configuration of a ladder and relay-based circuits, and this language is truly easy to troubleshoot as well as modify to run and control industrial automation applications effortlessly. 

When a fully customized and efficient Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) controls and automates processes in an industrial manufacturing plant, a faulty PLC can ruin the process too. So, make sure to avoid these common mistakes in PLC programming when you want to have the best PLC system for your industrial automation process, 

  • Poor or inadequate planning 
  • Poor or lack of documentation of codes
  • Paying no/less head to safety requirements 
  • Ignoring the importance of data security 
  • Underestimating the time required for the code debugging process 
  • Neglecting the requirement of software updates to run the PLC effortlessly and efficiently. 

Outsourcing the PLC programming services for automation control systems irrespective of industry niches is always beneficial for businesses. It saves time, and cost, and increases production efficiency when you hire third-party PLC programming experts like ControlSoft Canada. Outsourcing helps your company focus on the necessary areas of core competencies; while an expert is taking care of PLC programming needs to meet complex automation programming tasks to improve the efficiency of the automation process in implementing the latest hardware and software in PLC systems. 

PLC programming plays a pivotal role in the automation process in many ways withstanding the niches. PLC systems control and monitor industrial machinery and equipment and reduce the chances of human error. These systems increase the efficiency and accuracy of production through remote monitoring and controlling machinery. With the help of PLC programming systems troubleshooting issues of remote machinery is now easy and adjustments can be made without on-site human intervention. 

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