Custom Industrial Software Programming

Custom Industrial Software Programming plays a significant role in optimizing modern industrial operations and achieving heightened efficiency. Therefore, to address this need, ControlSoft offers specialized expertise in various industrial software programming options. This enables the modeling and implementation of high-intensity control algorithms tailored to specific industries.

Our experienced control systems engineers possess a deep understanding of advanced programming tools and technologies. They excel in industry-leading software like MATLAB & Simulink. These tools can prove invaluable in industrial applications like signal processing and power systems analysis. Moreover, we specialize in the Internet of Things (IoT) design and developing production test systems using LABVIEW from National Instruments. Offering tailored solutions in custom industrial software development.

ControlSoft Control Systems Engineer has expertise in various industrial software programming for modelling and implementation of high intensity control algorithms in following programming options

Our in-house team specialize in SQL Server setup and management for data collection for industrial applications.

One of the standout features of our services is its competence in object-oriented programming languages like C-Sharp programming and Visual C++. Their mastery is the primary reason behind our untainted track record in ensuring precise and efficient software solutions for a diverse range of industrial scenarios in custom industrial software development.

Incorporating ControlSoft’ s expertise in automation industrial applications, data analytics, and machine learning further enhances industrial processes. It enables predictive maintenance, real-time monitoring, and data-driven decision-making. This empowers businesses to stay ahead in the competitive market by making informed choices and optimizing their operations.

Moreover, ControlSoft’s in-house team specializes in SQL Server setup and management. It is a crucial aspect of data collection for industrial applications. Our Control Engineers each have vast experience in new custom product design and programming utilizing PLC, HMI and SCADA control systems working with OEMs such as Rockwell Automation, Siemens, Schnieder Electric Modicon M360 / M580 PLC and HMI systems. So, Contact ControlSoft and utilize the power of information to drive continuous improvement and innovation in your business.


MATLAB is employed by millions of engineers and scientists across the globe to run a wide range of applications in industrial software programming and academia. While MATLAB is software; Simulink is its extension. MATLAB is used to design and test machine controls with supervisory logic based on arrays and data metrics. Simulink does graphical modeling for multi-domain dynamical systems and it facilitates the system modeling and simulation of complex industrial automation control equipment with customized block libraries and connections.

LabVIEW aka Laboratory Virtual Instrument Engineering Workbench is used by industrial software programming engineers and technicians to ensure unique visual representations of industrial equipment through graphical programming languages. This software enables engineers to design, replicate, and implement industrial machinery controls and measurements aligned with existing manufacturing automation and robotic systems. This software integrates well with existing system hardware and simplifies industrial software programming by presenting graphical interfaces. 

Setting up an SQL server in industrial software programming is highly beneficial. It helps in better data storage and retrieval, maintaining data integrity, data analysis, integrity in data server, and also data security. SQL server gets integrated easily with different industrial software including SCADA, MES, etc. This programming language goes well with the industrial system explanation process and manages increased data load without affecting the data querying and analysing process. 

In industrial software programming, Machine Learning plays an important role. Integration of Machine Learning in industrial automation control systems and programming software enhances predictive capabilities, optimizes processes, and improves production efficiency in enhancing the decision-building ability of engineers across the wide facets of industrial automation control systems. Machine Learning also helps to detect difficulties and peculiarities in manufacturing processes with real-time data collection. To know more about it, do contact ControlSoft Canada at your convenience. 

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