SCADA System design, legacy system upgrade and programming

About SCADA System Design

SCADA system design

SCADA stands for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. A SCADA system is a software-based application utilized within industrial manufacturing that controls an array of hardware components.

A Typical SCADA system would contain a data component that would provide a historical overview of a system to the user. Such systems are employed within manufacturing environments to consolidate controls over multiple production lines, collect actionable data and to drive business decisions leading to process control and improvement.

ControlSoft is an experienced provider of HMI/SCADA system design – having provided successful solutions for oil and gas, utilities sub station monitoring, Logistics and fulfilment warehousing, Meat processing plants, and food and beverage clients.

We have experience with all major interface manufacturers, and we maintain in-house SCADA programming/testing environments using their software.

Implement Complex SCADA Programming

We can configure RTUs, implement complex SCADA programming solutions and utilize that data in next-generation HMI applications. ControlSoft has a team of SCADA focused design and programming team with extensive expertise working on following SCADA solutions providers

Our design team will perform an in-depth analysis of your existing legacy SCADA – PLC controlled system and present a detailed approach to switching over to latest SCADA solutions available in today’s automation field.
Our team will be there during this transition period right from evaluating your existing legacy control system to presentation of viable solutions, assist in selecting most efficient and reliable SCADA solutions.
Our team will engage 100% during the setup and commissioning of the new SCADA system, work with operators to maintain existing feels & looks of SCADA screen operations, so that learning curve is not steeper.

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ControlSoft engineering team has expertise in developing Innovative SCADA software for process Control and data management. We have deployed Ignition SCADA solutions within wastewater, food processing, automotive industry and heavy metal factory production floor. Our team can integrate all your production, field devices including various sensors, PLC controllers back into company MES / SAP centralized software seamlessly with real time data acquisition.

ControlSoft can be your one shop systems integrator, our team can study your existing requirements and recommend a detailed proposal to cover hardware, software and systems setup and commissioning. Our team has expertise within the scope of a typical Ignition SCADA implementation for true real time monitoring and control of your plant production processes.

  • Setup Ignition SCADA server on site or within the cloud environment
  • Install and configure Ignition SQL database.
  • Setup communication with all your PLC controls system via OPC UA & DA
  • Design and develop custom SCADA control screens per client requirements.
  • Deploy HMI / SCADA client applications on desktops and smart devices.
  • We design and develop MQTT for data acquisition with IIOT. 
  • Our Ignition SCADA solution gives the ability to easily start & stop processes, monitor multiple data points at multiple locations and check the status of the entire plant floor at any given moment.
  • Design and develop data migration bridges to client MES systems at various stages of production stations.
Ignition SCADA System Design
Connecting IOT smart devices to SCADA programming servers using MQTT:​

Connecting IOT smart devices to SCADA programming servers using MQTT:

Our successful implementation of integrating IOT smart devices and control systems to plant SCADA system, was helped by early adoption of MQTT technology.

MQTT is called Message Queuing Telemetry Transport, it is a standard messaging protocol designed specifically for use in IOT applications. MQTT protocol follows a publish and subscribe model. The publish and subscribe model is designed to allow messages to be sent in either direction between client and server. This provides a way for IoT devices to create connectivity with one another, regardless of their geographical location. The MQTT protocol guarantees that messages are delivered even when networks are unreliable or unresponsive.

Our team of designers, with expertise in MQTT implementation to bring all your smart devices online with MQTT enabled protocol using Ignition SCADA system. Our knowledge using MQTT Sparkplug Architecture specification utilizing Ignition Edge at client side makes us competitive in providing a smart solution to our client in processing raw data before it is being published to ignition SCADA system.


SCADA system is one of the most essential parts of industrial automation. SCADA contributes significantly to maintaining complex machinery and processes in an industrial plant remotely. Industries like oil and gas, water treatment, power plants, manufacturing plants, telecommunications, etc. need to hire engineers for SCADA system design and programming according to their plant’s automation control systems.

The time required for SCADA system design and SCADA programming varies depending on the complexity of the industrial automation process. It can take weeks to years in many cases. If you need SCASA system design and programming in the USA, Contact ControlSoft Canada. Our SCADA engineers run a thorough analysis to find the scope of the project, discuss the plan with your stakeholders, and do the needful to implement a successful SCADA system.

If your industrial plant is running on an age-old SCADA system and you are unable to find whether it needs an upgrade or not, check these signs…

  • Your SCADA system is vulnerable to providing security and it lacks compatibility with modern devices.
  • It is unable to get scaled with additional processes including modern equipment and data points.
  • It causes frequent shutdowns or slowdowns in your plant and offers performance issues.

These all indicate that you need a SCADA system design upgrade.

If your industrial plant depends on an obsolete SCADA system, it might cost you higher maintenance costs. Additionally, your automation SCADA system lacks energy and efficiency in device operations and increases your production cost as well. Once you contact ControlSoft Canada for a SCADA system design upgrade, our engineers will program the SCADA according to your industrial automation control system’s needs. The upgraded SCADA programming elevates your production speed and efficiency and reduces maintenance costs in various layers.

Old or obsolete SCADA system does not get fitted with modern industrial automation devices and slow down production speed. Because it no longer takes security updates and patches from vendors. Additionally, it stops supporting new software and hardware, does not take security updates, and gets exposed to potential data threats. Thus, an obsolete SCADA system requires routine upgrades in SCADA programming and system design to prevent cyber threats/attacks.

Until and unless your industrial SCADA system gets an upgrade, it does not meet the standard of industrial regulatory compliance. Once the SCADA system design and programming are considered for upgrades, the industrial automation system is set to undergo the best technological enhancement. The enhancement includes better cyber security, adaptation to new regulatory standards, better data documentation, swift integration with enterprise systems, data retention, and archiving with no technical error.

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