SCADA System design, legacy system upgrade and programming

SCADA stands for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. A SCADA system is a software-based application utilized within industrial manufacturing that controls an array of hardware components.
A Typical SCADA system would contain a data component that would provide a historical overview of a system to the user. Such systems are employed within manufacturing environments to consolidate controls over multiple production lines, collect actionable data and to drive business decisions leading to process control and improvement.
ControlSoft is an experienced provider of HMI/SCADA systems – having provided successful solutions for oil and gas, utilities sub station monitoring, Logistics and fulfilment warehousing, Meat processing plants, and food and beverage clients.
We have experience with all major interface manufacturers, and we maintain in-house programming/testing environments using their software.
We can configure RTUs, implement complex SCADA solutions and utilize that data in next-generation HMI applications. ControlSoft has a team of SCADA focused design and programming team with extensive expertise working on following SCADA solutions providers
Our design team will perform an in-depth analysis of your existing legacy SCADA – PLC controlled system and present a detailed approach to switching over to latest SCADA solutions available in today’s automation field.
Our team will be there during this transition period right from evaluating your existing legacy control system to presentation of viable solutions, assist in selecting most efficient and reliable SCADA solutions.
Our team will engage 100% during the setup and commissioning of the new SCADA system, work with operators to maintain existing feels & looks of SCADA screen operations, so that learning curve is not steeper.