Instrumentation and Control Panel System Design & Engineering

Instrumentation and Control Systems Engineering

Our Control Engineers have experience within various industries from oil & gas, automotive, production plant floor to process engineering. Our in-house team can perform detailed engineering studies on your plant requirements and provide you with robust engineering solution within Electrical control panel design, software engineering and mechanical controls for automation control panels

Implementing Instrumentation and Control Systems Engineering results in improved process control and reduced downtime. It also helps in increased productivity and enhanced safety. Thus, having an excellent team is a must. At ControlSoft, our engineering team excels in various technological aspects both in instrumentation hardware and system integration to a central system including understanding client processes and documenting these processes to a Process Control Narrative – PCN document which is then used by our Control Engineers to design and test a production control model.  This expertise supports us in providing our services in diverse industries and projects. 

ControlSoft’ s Instrumentation and Control Systems Engineering roots spread across industries like oil and gas, automotive, food industry, production plants, and process engineering. We have delivered numerous efficient control solutions that helped businesses achieve their maximum potential. This is the reason ControlSoft’ s reputation precedes its name. Our team is proficient in working with leading technologies in today’s Plant Control World, our team of Control Engineers has developed inhouse control algorithms ready to be implemented to most industrial controllers like Allen Bradley Control / Compact Logix PLC and HMI, Schneider Modicon M360 & M580 PLC CPUs, Siemens S7 PLC and HMI system using TIA portal. Such a strong experience ensures smooth integration and functionality on any projects ControlSoft undertakes. Additionally, our expertise extends to advanced Distributed Control Systems (DCS) and SCADA software. This allows us to design comprehensive control solutions for complex processes. 

ControlSoft's Control Panel design and programming

Our Instrumentation and Control engineering group is based on our solid control system design work. After spending the time to understand a client’s specific requirements, we engineer solutions to address the real-world challenges of their project. From the number of site cabinets to electrical constraints, we focus on hardware, software and network solutions that work. Our goal is to empower clients for success by optimizing the efficiency and reliability of their operations through advanced automation control panels.

Our group of applications, mechanical and control systems designers, we engineer, program, and integrate PLC and HMI technologies to improve production, quality, asset management, data collection and decision making on every level.

Whether you require controls systems for a new automation system or are interested in modernizing your current set-up to extend the productive life of existing equipment and processes, our technical team can build what’s right for you. Short and long-term aftercare often includes upgrades, retrofits, robot reprogramming, controls integration, line relocations, troubleshooting and equipment optimization for effective control panel solutions

We will design and generate electrical system design control drawing packages approved by Professional Engineers in Ontario

Moreover, we believe safety is of utmost importance in all engineering solutions. Thus, ControlSoft is committed to strictly following industry standards and best practices in Control Panel design and programming solutions to ensure reliability and protection. ControlSoft also remains dedicated to continuous improvement and innovation. Our ongoing research and development efforts drive us to explore and incorporate emerging technologies that can optimize processes and enhance operational efficiency.

We understand that each client’s requirements are unique. Hence, at ControlSoft, we take the time to collaborate closely with our clients. We gain a deep understanding of their processes and goals before proceeding. This enables us to provide highly customized engineering solutions that precisely fit their needs. 

This approach allows us to deliver highly tailored engineering solutions that precisely align with their specific needs in control panel solutions.

So, let us be your partner in taking your industrial processes to new heights. 


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Control System upgrade

ControlSoft's Control System upgrade

Control System upgrades are essential in the field of Instrumentation and Control Panel System Design & Engineering. As technology evolves and operational demands change, staying ahead of the curve is paramount. A Control System upgrade involves enhancing the efficiency, reliability, and functionality of control panels and instrumentation systems.

The process typically begins with a thorough assessment of the existing system, identifying weaknesses, and determining the scope of improvement. This evaluation allows engineers to design and engineer tailored solutions that optimize control panel performance, enhance safety, and reduce downtime.

Modern Control System upgrades often incorporate cutting-edge technologies, such as advanced sensors, data analytics, and remote monitoring capabilities, providing operators with real-time insights and control. 

Whether it’s a simple software update or a complete hardware overhaul, a Control System upgrade ensures that your instrumentation and control panel systems remain robust and adaptable to evolving industry standards and operational requirements.


During a control panel design and programming, control engineers consider a few processes to make it successful.

  • It is identifying the needs of the process, and which devices the process needs to run. 
  • Inspection of the plant’s environment to identify suitable and safest place to install the control panel. 
  • Design and programming of the control panel based on the environment to prevent the control system from dust/moisture/extreme temperature, and ensure safety. 

Lastly, check the regulatory standard to design and program the control panel accordingly. 

The control panel is nothing but an electrical enclosure. It protects and houses a plant’s electrical control equipment including PLC, HMI, relays, timers, conveyors, robots, CNC machines, and more. From start to stop motors, controlling temperature to pressure, system monitoring, and logging data for analysis, etc. – a control panel in an industrial process plays a vital role. Hence, the control panel design and programming hold the utmost importance for every industrial plant.

Why not! We will be glad to cater to your control panel design and programming needs. Our engineers and team of technical experts will have a conversation with you to understand the needs of your plant and the real-world challenges it is facing. Next, they will design and program the control panel accordingly following the hardware, software, and network solution your plant needs. 

Industrial control panel design and programming are crucial to ensure the performance and reliability of your plant. Our engineers will undergo a thorough inspection to understand the requirements of electrical systems, component selections, enclosure and cabinets, HMI components, electrical safety, and other compliances, space, and size restraints, and also future expandability of the control panel before stepping into control panel design and programming.  

SCADA is defined as Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. It is one of the important industrial control panels that monitors and controls large-scale industrial processes. Industries like utility, manufacturing, and transportation count on the SCADA control panel. This is great for monitoring and controlling remote applications including pipelines, electrical substations, HVAC, and railway operations, and more efficiently.  

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