Food Industry Traceability Solutions

Food Industry – Traceability Solutions

Food traceability solutions can be achieved with a well-designed software tracking system with your plant production floor and various processing stations. ControlSoft Canada has worked with different industries in diary, meat processing, non- alcoholic and alcoholic beverage industries within Canada and USA.

ControlSoft Canada, FoodTrack software generates ingredient ID barcodes for Lot code and batch numbers. FoodTrack software is a Batch processing software, operator selects a product batch required to be processed by weight / volume, FoodTrack software automatically guides operator to add ingredients by quick scanning each ingredients ID barcodes, depending on process automation and weight control ingredients are added to a batch tank. Software keeps track of multiple lot code and batch numbers per ingredient. FoodTrack software is web-based software which ensures the same copy of client software runs at all operator workstations. FoodTrack software integrates into most PLC control systems using ControlSoft proprietary PLC interface with IPC computer system. FoodTrack integrates into most shipping software and PC based barcodes terminals.

Our FoodTrack application engineer will be pleased to visit your plant and propose the most optimum solution to your Traceability challenges.

Food packaging can be a nightmare on a typical production floor, selecting correct barcode types and standard could be a challenge. ControlSoft Canada software solution is a web-based client software which runs on an NEMA 4X Industrial Computer with weight and industrial printer interface, operator interface allows operator to process food / meat packaging by Product Code, which holds all characteristics from client server database, production packages can be processed by placing packed product on scale platform and within minutes prints a EAN barcode to be applied to product packaging. EAN barcode is an industry standard coding system to include manufacturer ID, production date / best before date, weight in units code, and a unique serial / lot code number for tracking finish product.

food industry traceability solutions

Our software can be linked to production floor inventory module and shipping module, and easily interfaces with smart scanning terminals for production floor inventory movement.

Order Entry software module will accept orders from sales department and download orders to smart scanning RF terminal for order picking and completing shipping orders. Our shipping software can generate shipping manifest with each product code and quantity with lot code for product traceability.

Software also includes a traceability module, which could be used to recall products by product code number, date of manufacturing, lot code number. Such reports details related product codes ship to customers and date of shipment.

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