General Motors – In Motion Engine Block Laser Marking System Design

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ControlSoft Canada, was selected by General Motors as lead Systems Integrator to lead design and implementation work on General Motors In-Motion Engine Block laser marking system in collaboration North American Laser system in Mississauga Ontario.

As shown above, GM vehicles Engine Blocks are transported in RFID marked buckets over rail transport, bucket carrier RFID tag is read by RFID reader and processed by laser marking system IPC computer, RFID tag number is used to query vehicle VIN number and Engine block serialize ID over private GM Ethernet network, A custom application software running on IPC computer processes VIN number and block serialize ID to a data packet format and sent to Laser Head controller. Custom Windows desktop application on IPC computer interface with Allen Bradley Compact Logix PLC CPU controller over EtherNet/IP protocol, and coordinates following functionalities.

Motion Engine Block Laser Marking system

General Motors had successfully implemented this solution to all GM production facilities in Canada, the USA, Mexico, and China.

ControlSoft Canada in collaboration with North American Laser system in Mississauga Ontario as lead contractor, takes pride in an Automation Integrator / SCADA Integrator and system integrator role on this project. Our team of PLC programmers / SCADA programmers, and electrical design team played an important role in our success on this project.

ControlSoft Canada, is open to doing business within the automotive industry, pharmaceutical industry, meat processing plants, and food processing plants.

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