Everyday PLC Uses: How PLCs Impact Our Daily Lives and Role of ControlSoft Canada

PLCs Impact Our Daily Lives

Programmable Logic Controllers, or PLCs, are smart programmable systems used in industry to control many different mechanical systems.

So, how much do we see PLC programming Canada, and why are they a big deal?

Well, in our highly tech-focused society, PLC systems are all around us. They’re in factories, offices, and even manage traffic on roads. PLCs are vital for controlling important technologies we often don’t even notice. A medium size PLC controller can be programmed using ladder logics to include 1000’s of relays. They blend into our lives effortlessly.

Here are some examples of everyday mechanical systems that are controlled by PLCs:

1) Controlling Road Traffic Lights 

Just think, a world without traffic lights. It’s tough, right? Those three-coloured signals are recognized everywhere. This smart use of PLC programming has a long history, dating back to 1926 in London. The familiar traffic lights control panels designed by ControlSoft Canada we see every day are managed by PLC hardware and software, working reliably 24/7.

Ever noticed how traffic feels different during rush hours? What happens when a pedestrian wants to cross? Can emergency vehicles get through quickly? With emergency vehicle transponders, sensors, and PLC circuits, traffic lights coordinate and manage flow, aiding rescue services PLCs Impact.

2) Automated Car Wash

In bustling cities with cars everywhere, you’ll spot gas stations with automatic car washes. When you drive in, water mixed with cleaning stuff sprays your car, and wipers scrub it. Every step is thought out, from soap amount to wiper time. ControlSoft Canada PLCs handle it all, making it easy with just a button press.

3) Elevator Control

Elevators are everywhere in tall buildings. Ever entered one going the wrong way? Wondering how it’s controlled? Well, there’s a program in a PLC that figures it out. This program, like instructions on a ladder, guides the elevator based on floor requests. The controller isn’t in the elevator – it’s usually on the roof or in a control room nearby. Elevators aren’t first-come, first-serve. They’re directed by PLCs to take the best route, based on button calls.

4) Doors That Open Themselves

Remember when automatic doors used to surprise us by swinging open suddenly? Nowadays, Canadian doors are safer. ControlSoft Canada have smarter PLC controls and sensors on both sides, so accidents are avoided. Automatic doors work in different ways, but usually, a sensor like a light beam notices something in front of the doors, and they open without a push.

5) Moving Belts

Material handling within factories is controlled with PLC and HMI systems, designed, and programmed by PLC programming Canada team within Canada. Various industries ControlSoft Canada has Systems Integrator expertise within transportation, heavy metals industries. ControlSoft Canada has many years of experience as system integrators interfacing Analog and digital controlled systems using variable frequency drive VFD to control motor, pumps in an industrial application. 

6) Roller Coaster Rides

Thrill-seekers, get ready! Roller coasters, controlled by PLCs, give you that heart-pounding adventure. The PLC manages the climb before the big drop and keeps things safe so there’s no going backward. Imagine reversing on a steep dip – not so exciting!

Everywhere you look, PLCs play a big role in our high-tech lives. They control things like traffic lights and roller coasters, making life better. ControlSoft Canada skilled technicians maintain these systems, keeping us safe and on the go.

Tell us in the comments about your favourite overlooked use of PLCs – something surprising!

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