Choosing the Right Warehouse Automation Company

Warehouse Automation Company

The supply chain market is rapidly evolving with new demands from the widely spreading retail and ecommerce stores. Partnering up with the third-party warehouse company is the best solution to overcome ultimate shipment process and worker shortage. This is a guide where you will know about warehouse automaton and how to choose the right warehouse automation company.

To meet up with this fluctuating market demand, automation has to be introduced in to the sector. Warehouse automaton has been aiding to accelerate the entire process of fulfilment, procurement and shipment.

Also, at the end, check out the latest trends of warehouse automation too.

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Warehouse Automation - A Brief Overview

Warehouse tasks involve repetitive jobs that workers need to do in an order. Automation makes it possible to automate such repetitive tasks and fasten up the speed of work. Obviously, warehouse automation is a complex process that involves software programming, robotics and various sensors. Mostly every warehouse has its own type of programming that simplify the operations.

Warehouse can be automated with the help of the warehouse automation company. ControlSoft Canada is renowned and trustworthy partner for warehouse automation. They provide the best quality integration with the installation of the latest hardware and software, customized as per the need of the warehouse.

Benefits Of Automation Of Warehouse

There are lots of them! Let’s point them out for a quick overview of the benefits of automating the warehouse.

  • Saves time that can be utilized for better
  • Reduces Human error and labour
  • Enhanced productivity with better efficiency of work process, instead of picker going around picking items have items brought to picker location using PTL and light indicator picking automation.
  • Optimize warehouse space by better utilization of every corner and inch.
  • Better utilization of the resources.
  • Lesser product damage and saves up the handling and storage costs.
  • Ensures 100% workplace safety with ultimate employee satisfaction.
  • Faster shipping with fullest accuracy
  • Greater control over the inventory management and order fulfilment.

Now, all these benefits result in greater demand of your warehouse space by more retailers and ecommerce sellers. Outcome- Higher profit margin.

Picking The Right Warehouse Automation Company

Turning to today’s topic, how to choose the right warehouse automation company.

Well, to be very frank, a real time warehouse floor experience shows you how to pick up the automation vendor. Let’s have a detailed info on this.

Most of the warehouse floor face the issue of getting congested with higher delivery demand during peak hours/ season. This results in product damage, error of picking wrong product and taking up greater time.

Now this challenge can be easily be backed up. With the installation of the GTP technology i.e Goods to person automation can solve this issue. It makes use of conveyors, carousals and even lift system for vertical picking. Now that minimizes the problems and even speeds up the jobs.

Now you have partner up with an automation company that offers the GTP technology and aids support in maintenance too.

So, there are various factors that need to be considered while picking warehouse automation company.

Factors To Consider While Choosing

1. Operational needs

That is the very first demand you have to look for prior to automation. Various warehouses follow different internal processes for inventory management, fulfilment and procurement, storage and shipment. To simplify such tasks, you can make use of various technologies like the GTP (as discussed earlier), automated guided vehicles (for long distance transports), automated storage and retrieval (to use of storage that is beyond human reach), autonomous mobile robots (mainly used for order fulfilment).

2. Budget

Once you explore the need of automation in warehouse space, now its time to think about budget constraint. No doubt, automating warehouse is really expensive. But it goes for long run and that makes you entire process cost-efficient. It is much like one time investment.

So start with calculating the estimated ROI. Compare between the current turnover rates and estimated turnover rates after automation. Also, automation includes digital transformation of the space with employee training and maintenance too. You can consult with an expert while doing this research.

3. Choose a vendor and ask questions

One thing that confuses is the crowd of industry experts who offer almost similar types of technological integration for your warehouse. But which is the suitable one?

For that you need to engage in in-depth discussion with the vendor. This would allow you to have a detailed knowledge about the vendor and on what they have worker earlier. If they have knowledge in similar types of warehouse layout as yours one. You have to ask them about the user interfaces, data management and software maintenance and they should be prompt about these queries.

In summary, a vendor must be experienced one and know about warehouse customization techniques.

4. Expertise help to skill up teams for utilization of the software

Turning your traditional warehouse in to automative one is surely a new achievement. But without proper operation it would be of no use. Thus, skilled employees who have knowledge in operating technological applications is essential.

Some of the automation companies provided support and training for employees to get acquainted with this new integration. Training can help them to be skilled and know about proper utilization of the automated software and hardware.

Even experts from the warehouse automation company can be outsourced for assistance in handle end-to end processes.


Now, you have gained a better view of how to pick up the automation company. You modernizing your warehouse is not a hassle. Check out Controlsoft Canada for better approach.

Controlsoft Canada has been providing its services in Canada since 2006. Partnered up with Quantronix Cubiscan Dimensioning Systems, we have successfully integrated package weight, dimension and package ID scan data in real time to client cloud applications via AWS and Azure.

Also we have worked with renowned brands like DATALOGIC and SICK for the integration of automation system. The best part is we offer a comprehensive package from sourcing to complete data integration of system. Thus, we assure you an impeccable warehouse automation system.

Contact ControlSoft Canada, to your automation system integration to WMS system, control warehouse robots, and automated conveyor systems.

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